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Different Drills Used in a Core Drilling Machine

Are you looking for a method to create a hole in concrete without any hassle? If yes, then core drilling is the best answer to your question. Core drilling is a method to create a hole in a concrete and remove it from an intact structure. Usually, it is a vibration-free method that is not only specified to create holes in structural concrete but also in walls, floors, and masonry. The holes created in a structure are cylindrical and the bit of the material that is removed by the drill is called the core. Campbelltown a small town on the outskirts of NSW, Australia sees high usage of drill cutters. Core drilling Campbelltown is considered one of the best service providers.

When is core drilling opted for?

The application of a drill cutter is wide and varied. A core drilling machine is used in various industries including the construction industry. In the construction field, core drilling has a vital role. It is used for plumbing, to create a passageway for drainage, electrical wiring for phone cables and other cable lines, culverts, and manholes. It is also used to install HVAC systems, runway lighting and perform nuclear decommissioning and the list is not exhaustive.

Parts of core drilling machine

A core drill encompasses a motor, handle, and drill bits. Varying drill bits is the reason for different types of core cutters. A drill extracts the sample from the material making a hole. The drill is hollow which allows it to carve out samples that have perfect edges. A core drill can either be handheld that is usually used for domestic purposes whereas there are mounted rigs that are used on a comparatively large scale.

Types of core drills 

A core cutter or a core drill has three distinct types. The types are based on the type of drill that is used. The three types are annular drills, Diamond core drills, Drilling rigs

  • Annular drill

Annular drills are specially designed drills that are used for drilling metals. The annular drills exert minimal force on the material in the center. It is used in tube and pipe cutting. The annular cutter cuts the material and rips through it. This results in a clean, round, and neatly cut hole. There are magnetic drills that are portable and free you from the cumbersome process of taking the workpiece to the drill.

  • Diamond core drills

It is the most commonly used type of drill. It is used for drilling concrete, stone, and masonry. A diamond core drill is mostly preferred as it is highly efficient and results in clear cut edges. The drill bit is made of a diamond as it is the hardest naturally occurring material. The perk of using a diamond core drill is that it produces reduced vibrations and poses the least risk of injury and fatigue. The added advantages of a diamond core drill are that it eliminates dust and can be used on a relatively large scale.

  • Drilling Rigs

These are the large counterparts of core drills that are used for core drilling in various industries such as the petroleum industry or used for natural gas extraction. Drill rigs are humongous versions of a core cutter with larger drills. It is also used to drill rocks in the mining industry. A drill rig works based on the same principle as a diamond core drill.

Tips for safe core drilling

Following the safety measures that are prescribed in the operational manual reduces the risk of getting injured while using the drill cutter. Even a small residential job requires calling for a professional like core drilling Campbelltown companies. They provide the best core drilling service that is efficient and clear cut.