Hand Saw Methods

Hand saws have diamond blades that achieve a depth of between 50mm and 300mm if required. They are very versatile, are able to create clean cuts in almost every type of building material and can be powered by petrol, electricity or hydraulics.

Some of the more typical uses for a hand saw are to form new doorways, electrical and plumbing openings and new windows. They also easily create expansion cuts in new slabs, demolition cuts in walls and flooring and precision trimming for pipes and other components.

Chain Sawing

Using a chain saw is ideal when large machinery and equipment will not fit in the space or is not allowed in the area. They can cut reinforced concrete, brick, block, concrete pip, natural stone and more up to 600 mm deep with ease, speed and with the added benefit of extreme portability.

Chain saws can precisely cut small mechanical openings, create deep plunge cuts and perfect corners as well as many irregular shapes that a standard cutting machine would not be able to produce, all without any overcuts.

Ring Sawing

A ring saw is a type of hand held saw. This method is used to cut into all types of building materials up to 265 mm deep. It uses a diamond tipped offset cutting wheel, which is powered by hydraulics or electricity. They are most often used when either wall saws are not effective or there is not enough room for a wall saw to fit well.

In addition to being able to fit into areas with restricted access or close quarters, it also produces a clean cut while being low-noise and vibration free. The ring saw rotates on a roller system and does not have a core or centre, unlike other handsaws that do have a centre and are rotated on a spindle.Using this handsaw method is good for wall, door and window openings, concrete pipes and manhole covers and more.

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