What is Brokk?

Brokk is an equipment manufacturer that produces remote-controlled demolition machines. These machines are mostly used in the mining industry, but can be useful in a wide range of applications.

Their line of products are purposely built for demolition and include equipment used for drilling, scaling, digging, breaking, grizzling and more.

Advantages of using Brokk

Brokk is purposely built for demolition. Brokk usually outperforms other traditional methods such as concrete sawing and drill or using hand-held tools because of the quick deployment and high productivity of the Brokk machine.

When equipped with a crusher, the eclectically driven machine can work during business hours and also where there are stringent noise restrictions. It also produces much less dust and vibration than other, more traditional methods of demolition.

Brokk machinery is small but very strong, which makes them ideal for working underground or for areas with constricted or small working spaces.

Many of the Brokk equipment can be remotely controlled, meaning that projects in areas that may be deemed too unsafe for a human crew can still be accomplished safely and effectively.

Our demolition machines come in many sizes in order to complete tasks more effectively and come with many attachments for those custom jobs that need special attention.

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