Concrete Cutting

A guide on choosing the Right Concrete Cutting Blades

The cutting of the concrete can take care to saw, drill and remove the concrete pieces and it all happens in a controlled way. This type of work is carried out with saws that will have diamond-impregnated blades. The work must be performed by skilled workers with extensive concrete cutting experience. In the past, most people in Campbelltown used jackhammers to get rid of the concrete, but now new equipment has arrived and people are starting to use the new equipment.

Concrete cutting is known to be a skilled job that leaves a smooth cut and finish and also uses water to avoid dust and damage. Therefore, it is important to choose the best service for cutting Campbelltown concrete and make sure they use the right blades for cutting concrete.

The selection process of suitable concrete cutting blades.

It is very important to know what you need to find in a blade during the concrete cutting project. Firstly, it is essential to know what types of blades are available on the market when it comes to cutting Campbelltown concrete.

Various kinds of diamond blades used for cutting concrete.

The different types of concrete cutter blades which are available in Campbelltown are discussed below. Here are the options from which you can pick anyone according to your concrete cutting project.

  • Dry-cutting blades

Dry cutting blades are used for cutting hard and dry concrete. In general, sintered diamond blades are used for dry cutting. They have high-density silver and diamond alloys that are made by sintering steel cores, diamonds and metal bonding materials that are already put in the molds. These diamond blades come in two styles and they are,

Hot pressed diamond blades

These are the diamond blades that are well alloyed and come with the high-density segments and have a longer service life.

Cold-pressed diamond blades

These have the low-density diamond segments with high porosity. This can improve the cooling condition when the blades are in use, but they have a short lifetime compared to those of hot-pressed diamond blades.

  • Wet-cutting blades

In these blades, water should be used to cool the blades as opposed to dry cutting blades which require no cooling. These are mainly used for cutting green cement. The silver brazed diamond saw blades are used in the process of wet concrete cutting. The diamond segment in the blade will not have a transition layer.

They are brazed directly onto the steel cores using silver-based brazing films that contain 40-50 per cent silver. These blades are not suitable for dry cutting. This is because the high temperatures generated in the dry cutting can sometimes melt the silver solder and there are chances for the diamond segments to fall off from the blade.

  • Laser welded diamond blades

It is the blades which can be used in the wet and dry cutting process. They are made by fusing the diamond segments and the steel core by the laser welding. In this case, the steel core of the diamond segment fuses together to form a connection.

This connection resists the elevated temperatures produced during dry cutting. It is still recommended to use the laser diamond blades with lots of water as dry cutting can cause the diamond segment or the steel core to wear off and break soon.

Things to consider while choosing the concrete cutting blades

The blade components

When you know how a diamond blade works, it becomes easy for you to choose a blade with the right cutting quality and specifications that match your needs. Some of the basic blade components are listed below, as well as the items to be found in each component.

  • The diamond crystals

Diamond crystals are very important for considering and looking when you choose the correct blade. Diamonds which are present on the surface will become boring with the time you use them.

  • The matrix

The matrix is the metal bond that is able to hold the pointed diamond crystals in place until they dissipate. If the mixture is harder, more time is needed for the blade to wear off.

  • The metal core

This is a steel disc that has been precisely designed using the segmented rim, which allows the diamonds to be retained.

  • The weld

This attaches the diamond cutting segments top the core. For soft and abrasive materials such as green concrete, it is advisable to use a blade that comes with the hard metal bond.

Therefore, these are just a few of the things you need to consider while choosing concrete cutting blades.

The bottom lines

If purchasing your blade shows that you would pay more than you are willing to, it is best to hire a professional concrete cutting contractor. This way, you can avoid unexpected hassles and extra costs. Ensure you hire a good contractor to provide you with the services you want.

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