What is Concrete Scanning?

Construction professionals involved in the cutting, coring or drilling of concrete structure require a safe and reliable means of inspecting work areas to locate and identify hidden features that could cause damage to machinery, or pose a danger to the operator or the structure itself during these activities.

By using advanced ground penetrating radar (GPR) technology allows us to scan a concrete structure safely and simply. It is a non-destructive way to inspect work areas to find the best areas for drilling, cutting and coring.

It is also an effective way to find pipes, rebar, post-tension cables, wire mesh, steel beams, conduits or other components that could be seriously damaged by our machinery. This technology can help in verifying slab thickness, and we will gladly provide a detailed report on our findings if requested.

Our GPR scanning tools have been field proven by our professional team to be durable and accurate, and when used will greatly reduce downtime or setbacks due to damage in the structure or other building components.

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