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How To Work With The Latest Core Drilling Equipment

Are you working on any construction project in Campbelltown? If yes! You might have known about the importance of the core drilling equipment. Even though different types of tools are having a variety of purposes in the construction field, the core drilling equipment is used to create holes in the concrete surfaces like walls, ceilings, roads, and pavements. But the core drilling Campbelltown equipment requires the professionals to handle it. This is because; the blades that are present in the core drilling equipment will cause damage to the users. Here is the list of top 5 essentials tips to work with core drilling equipment in Campbelltown. 

Core Drilling Equipments 

There are different types of drilling saws used in construction projects. Core drilling Campbelltown equipment is selected based on the application area of drill bits, types of power used to operate the core drilling, motor option, and many more. The following are some of the safety tips that should be followed in order to avoid the damages to the professionals. 

Right drill for the job

Consider a situation, where you are working with the core drilling Campbelltown that is having large drill bits to create smaller concrete holes. It is hard to achieve the correct drill hole size with the large drill bits. There are two main categories of core drills available, first one will be handheld models and the second one is the larger units that are mounted on a heavy duty stand.

Whenever you want to create the concrete holes of diameter less than three inches, you can go with handheld models. If you want to create concrete holes of diameter more than three inches, you can go with a rig mounted model. There will be some tolerance level for the diameter and have to select the drill bits by considering the tolerance level. 

Based on the Motor option 

It is recommended to select the core drilling equipment based on its motor option. Generally, there are three formats available based on the motor option. They are air, electric, and hydraulic. Two main factors are determining the type of motor option that is suited for construction projects.

The first consideration based on the types of power source that is readily available in the construction site and the second consideration based on the nature and safety of the work environment like allowable sound noise, indoor and outdoor setting, and many more. 

Consider about stand attachment 

In order to work safely with the core drilling Campbelltown, you have to select the equipment based on the stand attachments. Whenever you are working with flat and slightly angled surfaces, it is recommended to work with a vacuum stand.

As the name indicates, these types of stands will be working based on the power of suction. If you are working on the vertical and highly angled surface, you can use a core drill that is having any wall anchor support. 

Selection of Drill bit 

The selection of drill bits is playing an important role in order to ensure the safety of the professionals. The commonly used core drills in the constructions made up of Diamond tipped bits. These types of diamond bits are having a heat-cured mixture of industrial diamonds and powdered metals.

The main reason for using the diamond tipped bits is because of its strength. There are two factors that are determining the safety while working with the diamond tipped bits. The first one will be the hardness of the aggregate material like stone or sand, and the second one is surface compressive strength or PSI. 

Know about the depth of the hole

Whenever you are working with core drilling Campbelltown equipment, it is necessary to keep your mind about the depth of the concrete hole size. If you want to create the deeper holes, you need to add some accessories with the core drill bits. 

Additional safety Tips 

The following are some of the common safety tips that should be followed by professionals in the core drilling Campbelltown services. 

  •  It is recommended to wear goggles at all time
  • Work with earplugs in order to avoid hearing damages
  • Make sure that you are working with gloves to prevent hand injuries
  • Invest the right type of drill and drill bit for the construction project 
  • Make sure you are aware of the core drilling equipment

Last few words

The above-mentioned are the top 5 essential safety measures that are following in Core drilling Campbelltown services. Make use of this article and follow the above-mentioned points to avoid the damages in the core drilling process. 

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