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9 Tips on How to Cut Concrete Safely

As with all hardcore jobs, concrete cutting can be dangerous if proper precautions aren’t adhered to and sometimes, your company’s safety procedures and SOPs might not be enough to save you from the potential hazards that come from cutting concrete.

That said, you’d need some personal safety tips of your | Tips that are easy to remember and quick to apply. This way, you can act quickly when things go south. Lucky for you, you’ve reached the right place. This blog post contains tips on how to safely handle concrete cutting. Keep scrolling as you browse through these 9 infallible safety tips to cutting concrete.

1.    Get the right tools.

A lot of things could go wrong with using the wrong tools for the job. You either slow down production – incurring other expenses – or your entire equipment setup gets disjointed and inaccurate. Even worse, the operator could get injured should they try to push this badly joined equipment beyond their capabilities.

2.    Always prepare fully for every operation

Before using your blades, make sure the machine is operating at 100% and with properly tightened hardware. Commencing an operation on loosened hardware could cause the entire equipment to vibrate excessively, causing fatal damage to the blade. This could cause severe injury to the operators and nearby workers.

3.    Know what you’re going into

Before starting any job, you must look out for potential hazards on the site you’re working on. If possible, get to know what’s behind every wall, floors and corners. You never know! Your workspace might have some rebar sticking out of some surface or debris bulging out along your cut line.

Before putting your operation in an unfamiliar workspace, have your guys scope out the place for anything that could harm them. Rebar, live lines, post-tension cables, pipelines, power cables and structural supports are a few amongst the many hazards to look out for.

4.    Know the risks and control them

It’s necessary to know the precautions to take while on the job. However, this isn’t enough as you also need to be aware of the risks you face if you don’t take safety seriously. Some of the risks you face on a good day at work include:

●     Eye and ear damage.

●     Inhalation of particulate matter.

●     Sparks from grinding surfaces.

●     Injury from pointy objects.

●     And many more.

Before taking your boys on your next job, ensure they’re fully on their PPE. If anything, make sure they put on:

●     Safety glasses.

●     Hard hats.

●     Earmuffs or ear protection.

●     Safety boots.

●     Gloves (depending on the task at hand).

●     Face shields.

5.    Stay away from water while using electrical tools.

If you’re using an electrically powered tool, stay away from water to prevent short circuits and other water-related accidents. In cases where water is used to cool off your drill bit, make sure the water touches the drill bit tip alone. Try as much as possible to restrict the water flow from entering the electrical components of the box.

6.    Stay focused

Whenever you’re on a concrete cutting, never allow anything to distract you. If you do, you’d be exposing yourself, your equipment and your entire project to severe injury, damage and delay. To keep you safe on and off the job, stay 100% focused on the job at hand and leaves the chit-chatting for later.

7.    Steer clear of dust

We mentioned earlier that you should put on a face shield to reduce dust inhalation during dusty jobs. However, the truth remains; these safety gears can’t protect you 100% of the time. You need to steer clear of dust any way you can.

8.    Thoroughly inspect your machines before commencing a job.

You should see this as the most basic safety tip of them all. We don’t need to remind you how bad things get whenever you start a job with a faulty machine. To prevent having your time wasted, allow the maintenance guys to inspect your core driller before concrete cutting in Penrith. This way, they can fix any minor issue before it becomes a complication.

9.    Strictly adhere to instructions.

To keep your operator safe during a job, ensure they’re fully aware of the dos and don’ts of the core drilling machine. They must not use the drills for any purposes other than the one specified by the manufacturer. Also, they MUST follow the manufacturer’s instructions on using the machine at all times. Failure to do so may result in a lot of complications both to the project and the machine.

Comply with these safety tips and watch every concrete cutting job be as smooth as softened butter. Are you planning a concrete cutting job in Penrith? No biggies! Contact us today and let’s help you out with concrete cutting in Penrith.

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